As  child I found peace in the flow of the ocean.  Fishing, snorkeling and surfing along the shoreline of South Africa I dream't of the wonders that lay beyond the waves.

After finishing an honors diploma in Journalism I traveled extensively in terrestrial realms for a few years before finding my way back to the ocean. For the last 7 years I have worked as cameraman and ocean guide for one of the most ambitious private diving and conservation operations in the Indian Ocean.

The privilege of getting to experience pristine environments and unique big animal encounters has strengthened my drive to use visual media as a tool for environmental advocacy.

Humanity is at a crossroads, either we reclaim with our position as guardians of the earth or further loose connection with ourselves, our fellow humans and the natural world.

My greatest ambition is to inspire a renewed connection between humans and nature.

I have experience shooting with numerous topside and underwater camera systems including Red Epic/Dragon/Helium,  Sony FS7/EX3, 360VR Rigs and various DSLRS, DJI Drones, Gimbals,  Action cam, Fincam, Towcam and shooting from helicopters.

From shoot to edit, grade and 4k delivery I have handled all stages of workflow.

Apt with whatever tool is needed to get the shot or discover a new adventure I am a qualified Yacht/ Small boat Skipper,  DMT  Medic,  IMCA Class IV SCUBA and Inspiration Re-breather diver.

From SUPs and float rigs to fast RIBS, helicopters a 65m Expedition ship I have used a variety of platforms to create unforgettable experiences and striking visual content.

Please connect to work together.