Blue Planet II

I am extremely excited for this to air. I was involved in shooting "Into the Blue" for  the Surfing dolphins shoot in South Africa in 2015 .  It was an honor to work alongside the best in the game during the highs and lows of a two week shoot on the Wild Coast. 

I'v been working on this coast for years and its bounty continues to amaze. While the Surfing Bottlenose dolphins were the main star in this sequence its hard not to get distracted when filming here, migrating Humpback whales, Superpods of common dolphin and Sardine Run activity are all part of the winter scene.  In addition the coastline is stunning and the area is the homeland of traditional Xhosa culture. 

Fastforward to 2017, the sequence was in need of some drone footage.  A week on the coast with a big swell pushed up from the Antarctic and I nailed some great surfing shots. There really are a few hotspots for Bottlenose Dolphin Surfing that work on different swell size and wind direction. Like their surfing human counterparts Dolphins love a morning offshore and clean swell and are no-where to be seen when the waves get choppy.

Drone technology really does provide a unique perspective for marine sequences and is unobtrusve to animals if done with respect.